Interior Floor Designs Fitting for 2022

Today’s post will give you the trending flooring designs for the new year that you can adapt to your homes!


It’s the start of another year once again, and it’s time to flip your residential concrete Los Angeles with the latest themes and decors that will give life to your plain and dull concrete floors.
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Flooring Trends that Will Take 2022 by Storm

Floorings trends go hard this 2022. Concrete floors, tiles, and hardwood remain the top choices among homeowners.

That is good news since these materials are practical and very accessible. Los Angeles expert decorative contractors stress using authentic materials that translate authenticity as the central theme for floorings at home.

Here are this year’s trending options:

Concrete Floor Trends

Concrete floors are timeless materials. Its neutral look gives it a timeless aesthetic and versatile design that makes it easy to combine with other patterns and color themes.

Indoors and outdoors concrete flooring trends innovates ones’ space into a stylish, classy flooring look.

Here are the best applications created with concrete:

  • Decorative Concrete
  • Stone look flooring
  • Slate style flooring
  • Marble like floors

Concrete floors maximize creativity, making this favorite among many local contractors and flooring designers.

You can have endless ideas and customization that you can do with concrete, and decorative options offer you a range of applications from concrete coatings to micro toppings.

You can also utilize concrete’s natural beauty and enhance it with coloring or pigments to make it stand out among massive indoor spaces.

Decorative concrete gives the best functions among outdoor floors. Your patios, concrete pool decks, and driveways would look coherent with the outdoor setting when you use concrete.

paver floor

The flooring surface creates a seamless, polished look that looks stunning even with constant exposure to outdoor elements.

Waterproof Materials

While carpeted floors are still prevalent in this millennial age, many move towards waterproofed, engineered floors.

Laminate, tiles, and vinyl floors will never get out of style no matter what era it is. These floors display a dense, high friction surface that makes them excellent around moisture-dominated spaces.

You got your kitchen floors, bathroom, and exterior concrete, often exposed to rainwater among semi-humid regions.

Laminate and vinyl are lightweight materials perfect for the interior floorings at home. They are easy to install, making them friendly to use.

Tiles are perfect for the bathroom floors and exterior floors like the decks around the pool.

waterproof floor installation

Hardwood Floorings

You are lucky if you already got hardwood interior floors. You could opt to reserve the materials and update its look with subtle, neutral colors like those halid as the year’s color theme by various paint companies.


You could subject the floor staining. 


Hardwood and concrete floors are those which would bring authenticity inside your homes, and both are known for their durability. But most importantly, these materials must be hailed for their au naturale form.


Wooden and concrete floorings are made of natural materials, unlike other decorative options that use synthetic compounds to mimic the structure and function of raw material.

hardwood flooring
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