Don’t Miss This Trend: Modern Victorian Home Decor

How do you mix old and new? It is the age-old question of home decor and there are many forthcoming answers, including one of our favorites – the Modern Victorian aesthetic. By combining the charming elegant style of Victorian homes with the simplistic and functional style of modern homes, you can create a beautiful space that combines the best parts of maximalism and minimalism.

Interested in trying out this trend for yourself? Here are 4 ways you can tap into the Modern Victorian style:

1. Combine the modern and the Victorian in one furniture piece

There are a number of ways one can approach the Modern Victorian style, and this one is perfect for people only starting to foray into the style. By combining the Victorian and the modern in one piece, you are able to concentrate the style into one specific part of the room, allowing you to assess whether the style is right for you. You can do this by either making a modern piece more Victorian (for example, by upholstering a modern couch with a thick tapestry-like material characteristic of Victorian homes) or by modernizing an older furniture piece (by painting an antique table a crisp white).

victorian furniture

2. Incorporate hand-carved and hand-made pieces

Old Victorian homeowners prided themselves on how many luxury pieces they displayed. And for them, luxury pieces referred to hand-carved wooden pieces made by expertly skilled craftsmen. In this sense, there can be no real tribute to Victorian style without the addition of these wooden pieces. Furniture like tables, chairs, or armoires are typical, but if you are on a budget, mirror frames and lamps can also give that same sense of Victorian luxury.

chairs carved wood wood carving

3. Stick to a singular color scheme

Victorian houses are iconic for their winding home layouts with small rooms. And Victorian homeowners took great advantage of those small rooms by assigning color schemes for each room. By making, say, the dining room red and the kitchen green, you were able to emphasize the separation of spaces. Most modern homes today favor open-plan spaces with very few divisions between rooms, but you can still learn from Victorian homeowners by choosing similar color tones in a space to designate function.

victorian home color

4. Get the flooring right

The flooring of a room can either tie everything together or rip it apart, so it is important to think about what your space needs. We recommend a simple polished concrete floor or one with a dark stain because it will balance out your Modern Victorian interiors. For flooring Los Angeles, call your trusted experts today to find out how we can help you find your dream floors.

victorian home stained concrete flooring los angeles

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