5 Pool Deck Resurfacing Tips & Tricks

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The dry and warm summers in Los Angeles is the perfect climate for a swim or a dip in the pool. But homeowners should not put all their focus on the pool itself. The pool deck deserves just as much attention. Neglecting it may turn it into a safety hazard. If your pool deck is not as pleasant and safe as it used to be, it may be high time for a pool deck resurfacing Los Angeles project. But before you go rushing out to buy materials and hire people, here are some tips and tricks that could make the resurfacing process a lot more successful:

1. Plan Well

It can get pretty exciting to get a project started once it has been decided upon. However, doing everything on a whim is bound for failure or a back job. To make sure that a project goes and ends well, it must be planned with utmost care. If you are unsure on how to plan it, consult a local contractor who could help you out. Make sure you have a design in mind and a budget at hand.

2. Hire the Right Contractor

There are many Los Angeles concrete pool deck resurfacing companies out there so choosing can be a bit of a challenge. Ask family and friends who have recently worked on a concrete resurfacing project, particularly a pool deck, and ask about their experience. Do not be afraid to ask contractors about their expertise, their experience, the people that work for them, photos of their recent projects, and the like. This will be significant in making your decision.

3. Choose Beauty, Function, and Economy

A project can be beautiful but impractical, or it could be very affordable but horribly done. As much as possible, find a contractor that can provide all the things you are aiming for: a pool deck that is beautiful, safe, durable, and budget-friendly.

4. Check the Weather Forecast

Schedule the project to proceed on days that weather will be good. Check the weather forecast before calling the contractor to come do the pool deck resurfacing job. Rain and storm can delay the project, compromise the material applied on the deck, and be a cause for future deck damage.

5. Prepare the Family and the Surroundings

Inform everyone living in your home that a pool deck project is going to begin to ensure that they are aware and kept safe. Prepare the surroundings if necessary. Move potted plants and furniture out of the contractor’s way to avoid property damage.

Looking to know more about concrete and pools? We’ve got our next blog ready for you we talk about having concrete as a pool deck option. 

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