3 Tips to Acquire a Longer Lasting Spray Texture Pool Deck

Spray texture is one of the most popular pool deck resurfacing solutions in Los Angeles. Many pool owners prefer it because it has so many admirable properties. It is slip-resistant, cool to the feet, and affordable to install. One other property that makes it a popular choice is its durability and easy upkeep. While some have to slave away to keep the pool deck in good condition, some just do some basic cleaning and maintenance with a spray-on coating. If you are interested in this type of resurfacing option, here are tips you could use to extend its lifespan.

Find a Reliable Spray Texture Contractor

There are many contractors out there but not everyone is trained and skilled to install a spray knockdown finish. You must hire someone who has experience doing so and with excellent results. Do not be afraid to ask them where they get the materials they use. They should be able to provide that information to their customers. Research about the contractor and research about the product they use. Make sure that both are highly qualified and reliable.

Practice Maintenance Measures Regularly

The first thing that often comes to mind with the word “maintenance” is repairs. However, it can also mean simply cleaning the surface and keeping it in mint condition. There is no need to wait for damage to appear before you actually perform maintenance procedures. There are things you need to do daily, such as sweeping and removing debris from the deck. There are things you can do monthly like pressure washing. Resealing the deck is something you need to do every couple of years.

Prepare the Base Material Well

The base material, where the spray coating will go, must be in excellent condition to make sure that the coating lasts long enough. No matter how great the top layer is, if the base is damaged, it would not be as durable as expected. A concrete pool deck must be cleaned and washed to make sure that the coating adheres properly. If there is some damage, like cracks or holes, it must be dealt with first to prevent future issues.

There is nothing more frustrating than investing in a concrete spray texture pool deck and not being able to use it long enough because it gets damaged. With these three simple steps, you should be able to extend the lifespan of your pool deck effectively. If you want to know more about our industry, check out this next blog about adding textures and patterns to your concrete.

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