How to Prepare for a Pool Deck Cool Deck Sealing (3 Easy Steps!)

Jumping in the pool is a great idea, especially during the warmer months. Another great idea? Giving your swimming pool space a little bit of identity. There are so many ideas for a pool deck cool decking that just gives you that aesthetic benefit to your pool area.

Applying pool paints and concrete sealers are just some of the most common ways to give pool decks a makeover. There are a ton of available options that homeowners seek out like the infamous cool deck pool decking. But before doing all the paint and seal work and stuff, you’re gonna have to put in a little prep work.

Check out how to prep your pool area to be ready for any pool deck paints and sealants.

Step 1. Sweep sweep sweep

Yes, you read it right. Before applying any type of pool deck paint or concrete sealer to your pool decks, make sure to get rid of ALL debris such as dried leaves, dust, and dirt on the pool deck surface. Using a broom, sweep up all visible trash from the pool area.

On second thought, vacuums are a better idea. Your call.

Step 2. Teach those Stubborn Spots a Lesson

After sweeping off dust and dirt from the pool deck surface, it’s time to make the pool area spotless and stains-free.

Use a scrubbing brush with a degreasing cleaner. Dishwashing soap s also an option. Prepare to grit your teeth for the ultimate scrub fest. Or get a floor scrubber on top of your vacuum. 

 You will be tempted to skip this step but trust me, you’re not gonna like it when it’s done.

Step 3. Pressure (wash) your Decks

Now that you have swept all debris and dirt and stains and stubborn spots, it’s time to pressure your decks.

Pressure wash the entire pool area to rinse off the detergent or any cleanser used in the previous steps. 

If a pressure washer is not available, you could fill a bucket with water for this step. Make sure to dry the pool deck surface completely before sweeping the area for the last time. 

pool deck cleaning los angeles
pool deck cleaning los angeles

Time to Get your Decks Sealed.

After following the steps we have mentioned, you are now ready to apply sealants and pool paints to your pool deck.

Using concrete sealers in your pool deck before applying pool deck paint is essential to fill in cracks. Doing this before coating it with pool paints is not just for aesthetic purposes but also to protect the pool deck materials used from corrosion.  

That’s a Wrap!

Preparing your pool deck is super-duper important before doing any painting and resealing.

You will not enjoy applying paint to a dirty surface. Doing so will give you a messy and unpolished finish. Hence, wasting time, energy, and of course, budget.

We hope we got your worries covered! Enjoy giving your pool decks a cool makeover! Or call us to do it for ya!

Flooring contractors in Los Angeles are always available to be at your service, from simple maintenance works to more complicated makeover for patios, decks, and concrete floor surfaces.

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