5 Pool Deck Ideas for a Safer Swimming Area

Any swimming pool should be a place for fun and enjoyment. However, it should be just as important to make it a safe area, especially for children. Here are helpful pool deck ideas that will ensure safe and happy days in the pool area all year round!

Slip-resistant Pool Deck

Most pool deck paving materials can get pretty slippery when wet. This can be very dangerous especially for barefooted swimmers walking around the deck. A reliable remedy is installing non-slip swimming pool concrete deck coatings. This involves the installation of coatings or overlays that aim to improve slip-resistance. Stamped overlay offers several patterns and colors that can create a non-skid surface. A spray knockdown texture is sprayed and troweled down, creating a texture that is similar but more subtle than that of a stucco drywall.

Safety Enclosure

Install a safety enclosure, like railings, on the deck around the pool. This keeps people from accidentally falling into the water. If you have children and pets, you might want to add self-locking gates as well. The types available today are more secure but easy to install. It is still, however, highly recommended to keep an eye on children even with a safety enclosure installed.

Rescue Equipment

Create a spot on the pool deck where all rescue equipment is accessible. Make sure to store swim rings, life hooks, and a first aid kit nearby and make them easy to grab when they are urgently needed. Educate the family on the proper use of these rescue items and teach them basic first aid as well.

Adequate Lighting

Swimming at night can be much safer if there is enough light inside the pool and around the deck. There should be enough light to see everything inside the water, like the walls and the bottom floor. The lighting around the deck should also be bright enough to make it easy to walk around safely.

Pool Chemicals and Equipment

Most swimming pools are mixed with chemicals that keep bacteria and algae from breeding in the pool water. Make sure that these chemicals are properly stored and far from the reach of children and pets. Pool equipment, like the heating or filtration system, should be kept safely away from easy reach. Kids and pets could get electrocuted and settings could be altered, making the pool dangerous to swim in. If such equipment is being used, create a cage or box for it and make sure it is locked and kept from plain view.

Got any ideas on how to improve your pool space area? Get reliable pool deck contractors to help you get a slip resistant surface! Are you also a homeowner? Then jump to this next blog on how to prepare your home for fall season.

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