4 Key Considerations That Affect Concrete Pool Deck Cost

When it comes to cost, a concrete pool deck is way more affordable compared to others made of tile, brick, stone, and other high-end materials. Concrete requires a shorter time to install and the process is less tedious. 

Most homeowners, nowadays, are very busy with household chores and work. Too busy to even have time to deal with a complicated project like laying out bricks piece per piece or choosing a natural stone paver for use on pool decks. 

This is why they tend to choose the less time-consuming method. Fortunately, there are decorative concrete options that are reliable, durable, and very appealing. As mentioned earlier, a concrete pool deck is an affordable option. The rate, however, may vary based on several key factors.

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Size of the Job

This is a major influential factor for almost any type of remodeling project. A wider pool deck would require more material, more work, and more manpower. Concrete pool deck resurfacing cost is often quoted per square foot so the more there is, the bigger the overall costs. 

There are rare instances, however, when smaller spaces would cost more. This happens when the deck is too enclosed that it would require smaller equipment and provide a very restricted space for the installers to work in.

Type of Concrete Resurfacing or Refinishing Method

There are many different methods of revamping a concrete pool deck. Resurfacing is the process of replacing the top layer with a more durable overlay or coating. Refinishing is improving the appearance of the slab, enhancing its color, shine, and adding an extra layer of protection. The most popular methods for resurfacing or refinishing options for pool decks are:

  • Stamped Overlays
  • Spray Knockdown Finish
  • Stained Concrete
Spray knockdown texture pool decking

Labor and Material Cost in Location

Material and labor costs vary per city. Make sure to do your research so you will have an idea how much it would cost in the region where you live. Factors that could affect material cost is where the material will be coming from, whether it is manufactured within the region or if it needs to be imported from another city. As for labor, the more installers needed, the more costly it could it get.

Contractor’s Credibility

Choosing a contractor can also affect costs. Licensed contractors with years of skill and experience may charge more than newcomers. It is highly recommended to hire someone who can back up their work. 

They offer warranties that guarantee a free follow-up in case things go wrong or you are not satisfied. If you’re ready to dive into it, check out our homepage! You can also read more about it pools by clicking through this next blog about pool deck ideas for a safer swimming area.

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