4 Most Popular Decorative Concrete Overlays in Los Angeles

When it comes to resurfacing concrete flatwork in LA, there is a wide range of concrete overlay systems available to help you acquire the look you want. Each overlay offers its own aesthetic and performance attributes so it is important to review each one in detail. Here are the most popular overlays in the area and a brief look at their most notable features.

Stamped Overlays

This concrete overlay is often installed with about a fourth to three-fourths of an inch thickness, thick enough to allow stamped imprints. One popular feature of this is that a skilled installer can recreate the look of most types of paving or flooring material such as stone, brick, wood, and more. This can be stained for a more decorative look. Stamped overlays are popular systems for covering minor blemishes or damage on the surface of a concrete slab.


The thinnest overlay of all, microtoppings are meant to renew the look of a structurally sound concrete slab, giving it enough room to flex. About an eighth of an inch or less of material is installed on the surface via a trowel. It can be stained or dyed for extra appeal. The material used is often polymer-based, which is a very flexible material.

Spray-Down Systems

Often installed with a hopper gun, the material is splattered onto a surface before being knocked down manually with a trowel. This is a great option if you are after a slip-resistant surface. It can be stained and dyed for a more customized look. Spray knockdown finishes are popularly used on pool decks, driveways, patios, and other outdoor concrete surfaces. One wonderful feature of a textured surface is that it allows cool air to circulate around to foot, thanks to the air pockets created on the dips and grooves of the texture. This is beneficial for pool decks where swimmers often walk with bare feet.

Self-Leveling Overlays

This can be installed and left seamless or incorporated with engraved or scored designs, whichever suits you best. It can be dyed, stained, or tinted. The great thing about self-leveling overlays is that it corrects slightly uneven floors. If the slab is too uneven, you might need a more extensive fix like slabjacking. Also, this type of overlay is great for covering up minor surface damage, such as hairline cracks, small pits, minor scaling, and spalling.

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