How to Transform Your Homes with Decorative Concrete Solutions: SoCal Style

Homes in the SoCal (Southern Californian) areas will compete for style. Who’s got the most intriguing design? Who’s got to hire the most sight-after interior designer and superstar architect?

From beach bungalows to Hollywood Hills Mansions, LA homes can shine by following our tips for this blog, which is catered especially for every homeowner with concrete floors in their SoCAL spaces.

If you plan a home makeover, our Los Angeles contractor will cover your decorative concrete floors!

From Beach Shacks to Hollywood Hills: Decorative Concrete to Make LA Homes Shone

mansion house with outdoor swimming pool

Are you craving a unique style that will reflect in your homes? Decorative concrete is a choice that will not let you down.

If you are reading this, it is a sign that it is time that you choose decorative concrete solutions for elevating the look and function of your floors.

Beyond Basic Beige: Ordinary LA Home to a Uniquely Sophisticated SoCal Abode

If you are a guest of your town, you will notice a dominating theme among La houses: the subtly minimalistic slash tropical and historic Spanish architecture.

LA houses will not fail to remind you that you are in a town near the beach areas. And that color beige that envelopes the city’s canvas is a reminder or representation of the fine sandy beaches around the region.

It resonates with the light, fresh, airy-cool vibe of SoCal. An Angelneo home is a testament to chic yet practical yet subtle elegance in the city lifestyle.
But beyond the beige, tanned, and coastal aesthetic, you can still bear your classy-chic personality by using other suitable designs.

That is why your experts at LADC are here to help you find that uniquely-yours-decorative floor.

It will start on the foundations of your homes.

Decorative Concrete Floors LA Home Style

The concrete floor’s versatility to adapt to any design and concept knows no bounds.

Let us pick each type of house in LA and define a perfect concrete floor character for every SoCal home.

Polished Concrete for Straightforward Industrial Chic Homes

How can you characterize an industrial-chic-modern that dwells in a historic southern home? Think of classic but polished, antique but timeless. These words are the concrete floor’s natural vibe.

These decorative concrete solutions still embody antiviral hues and aesthetics, just like they do with your beach-sand-beige themes.

Terrazzo Tiled-Art: Capturing Sun-kissed Charm of the Coast

Los Angeles embodies a coastal vibe with its sandy beaches and shores gleaming and glittering under the warm “soCal” sun.

The glittering sand is perfectly reflected by terrazzo floorings, which can be achieved by using tiled materials or texture concrete coatings for tile-art-inspired flooring material.

Stained Finished Concrete Floor for Rustic, Warm Beach-shack Vibe Bungalows

Concrete staining is a perfect way to flaunt your coastal California-inspired lifestyle. But you probably already know that. How about picking out an area in your spaces where you can perfectly feature your decorative concrete floors? Such will be your concrete floors in your outdoor living rooms.

How about your bungalows? Featuring a bungalow in your homes where you use stained concrete to decorate the floor spaces will make a SoCal vibe!

Bungalows are low-roofed-cottage style lounging areas. If you are fond of the nipa-huts or the beach shacks that simply scream “vacation” at you, you need to have this in your properties in LA. It creates a warm, tropical light and fresh vibe in your spaces. It’s perfect for those living near the beach.

So, what is the perfect way to start building this paradise-themed structure with construction experts?

Quick Steps to Start Building Your LA Dream House with Decorative Floors

If you are looking for the best way to give your LA homes a glow-up, then start by resurfacing the floors. With Decorative Concrete Los Angeles, you are not only providing an eye-candy flooring area that would make everyone turn and marble at the beauty.

Take a look once again at the choices mentioned above. Those decorative concrete floors are excellent floor applications that give extra strength to existing floors.

Its low maintenance requires minimal fuss, leaving you free to enjoy the California lifestyle. And its eco-friendly nature aligns perfectly with your conscious living values.

With a versatile flooring application such as concrete, you can attain limitless possibilities to design the floor however you want. Nothing can hold boundaries against your preferences, especially if it will lighten up your true-blue SoCal personality. Here are step-by-step takeaways to guide your home improvement journey in LA!

1- Choosing from the Pro-Approved Concrete Applications

Take a quick look at the crucial decorative applications above. You can achieve the perfect decorative concrete floor style to match your preferences and see awesome transformations in your homes, one step at a time.

It will all begin with how much you know about the services and the products to be applied to your properties. Now that you have the important choices above, you are ready to take the next step.

2- Consulting the Designs with your LA-based Contractors

Begin right away when you consult with the LA decorative concrete installation team. As a local-based concrete floor resurfacing contractor, they can understand what it means to achieve an LA home that is true to its personal style and community vibe.

The bonus is that they can lead you to the right material suppliers and manufacturers where you can avail affordable but quality products.

3- Flawless Finish with Expert Resurfacing

After you consult, you are ready for resurfacing! Concrete resurfacing is what makes the floor decorative.

They exude a pleasing and caring look because they are finished to perfection, which you can only achieve when you work with specialists in concrete coatings Los Angeles.

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