How Much Does Concrete Driveway Resurfacing Cost?

One of the most popular choices in driveway materials is concrete. It is known for its cost-effectiveness, durability, and its long-lasting usability. However, through time, concrete ages and deteriorates because of factors like exposure to different elements, the weather, heavy traffic causing cracks and chips, and oil leaks which affect the quality of the concrete. Thus, it calls for a resurfacing or replacement.

Most people opt for a resurfacing rather than a full replacement since replacing concrete can be twice as expensive as resurfacing. Resurfacing driveways fixes and enhances the quality and strength of your concrete. It also adds a new look for the driveway with concrete being a flexible and customizable decorative coating.

On a national average, concrete resurfacing usually costs $2 to $10 per square foot. However, different factors affect the cost per square foot of your resurfaced concrete or its total cost. 

  1. concrete drivewaysSize

In the U.S., the common driveway size is a total of 640 square feet. This is estimated to cost between $1,200 to $1,800. Size is the most crucial factor you or your contractor considers. It determines how much concrete will be needed. 

  1. Thickness

Thickness also determines how much concrete will be used in the resurfacing. The type of vehicles that will be using your driveway determines the concrete’s thickness. Heavy vehicles may require thicker support, but the minimum for a driveway is 4-inches.

  1. Condition of the existing concrete

Before resurfacing, whether you’ll be DIY-ing it or hiring a contractor, you or they must first assess the condition of the concrete and the driveway. does it have several surface cracks or is it curved and slanted?

  1. decorative concrete driveway thousand oaks caResurfacing system used

There are different types of resurfacing systems that can vary from the preparation phase for concrete, like grinding it to the application phase where concrete sealers are used or protective coatings. These systems have different costs as specific materials and equipment may be required for some processes.

  1. Local rates

The market in your location also affects how much driveway resurfacing would be in your area. The lack of contractors, service providers, and suppliers for the materials needed may cause the labor fee to be higher than in other places.

  1. Design

Different colors and patterns can increase the resurfacing driveways cost. Colored concrete is the most affordable option. Stencil and stamped concrete will involve additional processes since there are patterns and textures you want to achieve with it. Thus, it incurs additional costs. The most expensive type is an exposed aggregate concrete where it has a polished finish.

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