Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Remove a Worn Out Pool Deck

Did you buy a charming old home that comes with an aged pool? Or do you already have a pool but left the concrete deck a bit neglected over the years? One way or the other a worn-out pool deck requires immediate care and attention. Some concrete masons and landscaping contractors suggest removing the whole concrete deck to replace it with a new one. In this article, we’re about to challenge that.

If you’re thinking that pool deck replacement is the best option you have, you’re in for a surprise. Having the existing concrete deck demolished can actually do more damage than good.

So why shouldn’t you opt for pool deck removal?
  • It comes with high costs.
  • The structural integrity of the pool wall is compromised during demolition.
  • It’s an immensely time-consuming project.
  • It isn’t the most efficient and economical option.

Imagine having to spend so much money on a project that actually puts your pool at risk? For commercial swimming pools, the tedious process can also mean putting a long halt to business operations. At this point, you’re probably asking the question: Surely there’s another way?

An Alternative Solution
concrete pool deck resurfacing

Here’s an answer to that last question: Why, yes of course! Pool deck resurfacing offers remarkable results without the risks and disadvantages of pool deck replacement.

Here’s how it works: The existing concrete deck is prepared for the resurfacing job by thorough cleaning and having the superficial damages repaired. After the necessary preparations have been made, a concrete coating or overlay is applied on the deck’s surface. In this part of the process your preferred pattern, texture, and color are applied to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the pool deck. Keep in mind that there are endless and fully customizable decorative options available that come with pool deck resurfacing. After the application process, all there’s left is to wait patiently for the coating to cure.

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Have tried and tested professionals handle the work for you! If you’re interested to know more, learn about the Essentials of Outdoor Living in LA Homes.

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