Top Things To Do In Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is a well-known vacation spot because of its many attractions as well as its creative industry. There are many reasons to travel to LA and here are some must-do things in the city:

Hollywood Sightseeing

There are always celebrities in the city of LA, both permanent and temporary. Some of the most noteworthy sights that are film-related are the Walk of Fame, having over 2,400 infamous names on pink terrazzo floors, the Chinese Theatre with its celebrity hand and foot prints;, and more.

Marvel at Art Collections

When it comes to impressive art that has moved history, the Getty Center is the best place to go. Some of the artworks found there are from renowned artists like Rubens, Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, and more. The French decorative arts, as well as the photography collections, are highly recommended by tourists and locals alike.

Shop (or Window Shop) at the Rodeo Drive

Known in the scene from Julia Roberts’ Pretty Woman film, Rodeo Drive has some of the most high-end shops and apparel in the city.

Go on a Walking Tour

There are several walking tours available in Los Angeles. Some of the most popular are those that take you on a tour to check out the city’s urban architectural heritage.

Jurassic Fact and Fiction

This has nothing to do with Steven Spielberg’s film but it is definitely interesting for everyone. The Museum of Jurassic Technology has scientific curiosities and artistic miracles that are a lot more exciting than most types of dinosaur exhibits.

Museum Visits

Known for having the third most museums and art galleries in the country, it is a must to visit some of the most noteworthy museums, such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The View at the Griffith Observatory

Check out the world beyond with the Griffith Observatory’s giant telescope. If caught in a cloudy day and there isn’t much to see out there, the facility has great displays such as the Hall of the Sky and the Hall of the Eye.

Tower of Installation Art

One of the most amazing and intriguing structures in the city is the Watts Towers, built by Italian Simon Rodia. There are about 17 towers built and decorated with scrap metal, glass bottles, tiles, seashells, and more.



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