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With a population of only around 90,000, the city of Whittier has managed to maintain its great neighborhoods and pleasant surroundings. In fact, several films and television series have featured this part of Southern California for some of their scenes. To keep up with the beauty of Whittier, California, homeowners do their best to maintain indoor floors and outdoor surfaces. With the help of decorative concrete Whittier CA services, acquiring appeal and function requires effortless action.

Dependable Decorative Flooring and Surface Solutions

Concrete is a durable material but it can get damaged due to regular use. Whether it is minor cracks, pits, stains, or discoloration that are making concrete floors inferior-looking, there is an appropriate alternative to tearing the whole concrete slab out. Check out these decorative flooring and surface solutions:

Stamped Concrete Overlay – This is ideal for a decorative concrete patio, pool deck, or driveway because of its impressive mimicry of more expensive types of paving materials, such as brick, flagstone, limestone, slate, pavers, and more. Installers actually stamp concrete patterns onto an overlay and then stain it, if necessary.

Stained Concrete – Perfect for dull or discolored concrete, acid and water-based stains add color to any concrete surface. Water-based stained surfaces feature opaque, more vibrant colors, whereas, acid stained concrete showcase semi-translucent, natural stone-like effects caused by a chemical reaction between the metallic salt content of the stain and the lime in concrete.

Sundek Classic Texture – This textured concrete coating is ideal for use on pool decks, patios, and driveways because of its non skid surface and because it stays 30% cooler than other outdoor paving material.

Epoxy Flooring – Great for use on garage and basement floors because of its durability and resistant to impact, abrasion, stain, and heat.

Polyurea Polyaspartic Coating – This super strong material only requires a day to install and cure, making it a popular choice for urgent residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

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