Decorative Concrete Oxnard: Beauty & Function Beyond Expectations

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Oxnard, California may not be as popular as its neighboring towns but it is an ideal location for people who love the outdoors. With its seven miles of white beach stretched out for everyone to enjoy, more and more people are looking to get a taste of living in this agricultural town known for its lima beans and strawberries. Despite its low profile, Oxnard residents deserve homes that are worth bragging about. With decorative concrete floors, this is indeed possible. The decorative concrete Oxnard services available nowadays are as ideal as living in this beautiful town of white sand and crops.

Top Decorative Concrete Coatings & Overlays for Floors

As a base material, concrete never really did look like a flooring material that can be used as it is. Its industrial look made it look unfinished and only acceptable for outdoor use. However, the demand for more economical decorative concrete solutions made it possible for coatings and overlays to be developed. Decorative concrete finishes provide durability and functionality in designs and colors that are as unlimited as a homeowner’s imagination.

  • High-end Replicas – Most homeowners dream of an elegant flooring material like bricks, pavers, and even natural stone on their patios, decks, or driveways, which are very expensive investments. Now, it is possible to acquire the same look using a decorative concrete flooring overlay. These elegant floors are acquired using decorative concrete stamps and stains depending on the design the homeowner is going for.
  • Colored Concrete – The utilitarian look of concrete can now be enhanced with either an acid or water-based decorative concrete stain. This can be used for both indoor and outdoor floors. For protective purposes, a decorative concrete sealer is highly recommended to make the stain last longer.
  • Cool & Textured – A breakthrough coating for pool decks called Sundek Classic Texture has gained well-deserved popularity because of its beautiful textured surface that promotes better traction even when wet. This highly customizable coating also reflects UV rays better than other paving materials, thus, maintaining a cooler decorative concrete floor surface.
  • Tough Flooring Material – Garages and basements would be well-off with an epoxy decorative concrete overlay. This two-part material cures and sets on concrete slabs to make it a lot more durable and resistant to stains, impact, abrasion, grease, and other floor damage common to garage and basement floors.
  • One-day Installation – For a quick floor upgrade, polyurea polyaspartic coatings come highly recommended. Although a wee bit more costly than epoxy, its durability and aesthetics are amazing. Often used on industrial floors, it is now available for residential projects that require quick drying and immediate usage.

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