Decorative Concrete Surfaces is an experienced pool deck contractor servicing North Ridge, CA.We offer Sundek Classic Texture, an acrylic cement coating perfect for residential & commercial pool decking. All over Los Angeles, pool homes are in need of some enhancements and we can provide repairs, refinishing and resealing services to give them a new look.

North Ridge, CA Pool Deck Coating Sundek Classic texture enhances your concrete with many colors and gives protection from slippage. This is a great safety precaution, especially when you have little ones running around the pool. You can then throw an amazing pool party to celebrate the start of summer!

Your North Ridge, CA Home can be greatly enhanced when you remove cracks from the concrete and refinish it in such a way that it is courser, allowing people to slow down when they are walking around the pool.

Learn more about the ideal pool deck coatings for concrete. Talk to one of our knowledgeable operators at (323)319-5230 or fill out the contact form.