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Are you disappointed in the boring look of your pool deck in North Ridge, California? Is the condition of your pool deck preventing you from throwing a swim party for friends and family? 

The wear and tear from the California sun, along with the constant traffic, might be taking a toll on your pool deck. The uninviting surface, cracks, and weathered look can make your pool area less enjoyable and less safe.

Transform your North Ridge, CA pool deck into a stunning and safe oasis with our Sundek Classic Texture coating. Say goodbye to the problems of an outdated and worn pool deck, and hello to a revitalized space that will be the envy of your neighbors.

Transform Your North Ridge, CA Pool Deck with Sundek Classic Coating

Decorative Concrete Surfaces is an experienced pool deck contractor servicing North Ridge, CA. We offer Sundek Classic Texture, an acrylic cement coating perfect for residential & commercial pool decking. All over Los Angeles, pool homes are in need of some enhancements and we can provide repairs, refinishing and resealing services to give them a new look.

Sundek Classic texture enhances your concrete with many colors and gives protection from slippage. This is a great safety precaution, especially when you have little ones running around the pool. You can then throw an amazing pool party to celebrate the start of summer!

Why Choose Sundek Classic?

Enhanced Aesthetics: Is your pool deck showing signs of wear and tear? Sundek Classic brings a new lease of life to your outdoor space. Our coating provides a fresh and modern look, ensuring your pool deck becomes a visual delight.

Texture for Safety: Safety is paramount, especially around pools. Sundek Classic doesn’t just enhance aesthetics; it adds a textured finish to your pool deck, improving foot traction even in wet conditions. Enjoy your pool worry-free.

Durability in the California Sun: North Ridge, CA, is known for its sunny weather. Our Sundek Classic Coating is designed to withstand the harsh California sun, offering durability and resistance against cracks and fading.

Our Process:

Consultation: We begin with exploring what your needs and preferences are. The consultations we conduct are personalized and our experts ensure that the services we offer will be in-line with your exact needs.

Surface Preparation: We work on your pool deck first by fixing any problems, like cracks or damage, that might exist. This step provides a smooth, hassle-free, and long-lasting application of the Sundek Classic Coating.

Sundek Classic Application: We use the Sundek Classic Coating by our experienced team to bring to life your pool deck with powerful colors and a textured finish. The transformation is in two ways, visual and safety.

Quality Assurance: We are proud of our standards, and our dedication to quality runs through every job. Our strict quality controls guarantee that the pool deck will be in line with the highest standards.

Why Choose Los Angeles Decorative Concrete?

Expertise: With years of experience in the decorative concrete business, we offer both awesome skills and knowledge for every project.

Customer-Centric Approach: Our main concern is your satisfaction. We interact closely with you to make sure that you have more than what you expected.

Local Presence: As a local business, we understand the unique needs of North Ridge, CA, and are dedicated to serving our community with top-notch services.

Ready to elevate your pool deck experience? Discover the ideal deck coatings for concrete with us! Speak to one of our knowledgeable operators now at (323) 319-5230 or take the first step by filling out our contact form. Don't miss out on transforming your outdoor oasis!

When considering deck resurfacing, our professional team at Decorative Concrete Surfaces is dedicated to providing quality solutions that go beyond expectations. Our slip-resistant coatings ensure safety, while durable waterproof sealants protect against the elements. With various textures, stains, and design options, we offer a myriad of choices to suit your style and preferences. The benefits extend beyond aesthetics, with low maintenance and long-lasting results. Trust our experts to guide you through the types of sealants and textures available, ensuring a consultation that addresses your unique needs. Choose Decorative Concrete Surfaces for a job done with precision, and experience the numerous benefits of our top-tier deck resurfacing solutions.



Your questions matter and we make sure that we provide accurate and helpful information to all. Let us guide you on your journey to acquiring more stunning, more functional, and safer concrete surfaces, be it for your LA home or a commercial space you own. When it comes to concrete resurfacing, refinishing, and repair, we are the name to trust.
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