Pool Deck Resurfacing in Glendale, CA : Sundek Classic Texture

Resurfacing concrete pool deck with Sundek Classic Texture is a great way to revitalize any concrete pool deck. It improves the look of your pool and make your barefeet comfortable even when you walk in the hottest weather.

The textured surface also makes walking safer by providing the traction needed to prevent slips and falls. Sundek is easy to install and is applied by spraying directly onto any existing concrete surface. While still wet, Sundek Classic Texture products can be enhanced by stamping and coloring to create the look of hand laid brick, classic tile or natural flagstone.

One of the perks of living in Southern California is the beautiful summer weather. In an average year, Glendale, CA. residents can enjoy their pools for nearly six months between April and October. Nothing detracts from the beauty of a backyard pool quite like a cracked, discolored pool deck.

If you have any outdoor concrete surface that is faded, discolored or cracked,don’t despair. Instead, contact Decorative Concrete Surfaces at (323) 319-5230 today for more information about how our professional team can repair and improve your pool decking. A quote may also be requested online using the form found on this website.



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