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‘Home is where the heart is’. The saying definitely shows just how important a house is for a family. It is important that the home is comfortable, safe, and pleasing to the eye. In the heart of Southern California, Downey is a city that boasts of top quality housing and residential neighborhoods. Homeowners definitely make sure that their homes are worth living in. One such element in a home that needs to be in tip top shape is the floor. Whether it is a pool deck, driveway, or a living room, the floor needs to be aesthetically and structurally sound. If it isn’t, there is no need to worry. A decorative concrete Downey CA contractor would surely have a good solution.

Decorative Concrete Floors for Quality Homes

The residents in Downey, California regard their floors as a very important part of their property. While they are open to have a decorative concrete contractor fix, improve, or upgrade their floors, a huge amount of money need not be involved. There are economical decorative concrete coatings that work to do wonders on an old concrete floor.

Stamped Concrete – Stamped concrete resurfacing involves the application of an overlay on top of an old concrete slab and then imprinted with designs or patterns that mimic brick, stone, and other paving materials.

Stained Concrete – There are two types of stains: acid stain and water-based stain. Concrete staining with a water-based product gives an opaque color. An acid stained concrete floor, on the other hand, gives a semi-translucent look.

Sundek Classic Texture – This acrylic concrete coating creates a textured surface perfect for pool decks because of its cool surface feature.

Epoxy Flooring – A durable coating that cures to a very hard surface, perfect for garage floors.

Polyurea Polyaspartic – An alternative to epoxy, this can be applied in a day, making it quickly available for use. Great for residential garage floors, commercial spaces, and industrial surfaces.

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