When it comes to enhancing or repairing the driveway, decorative concrete is one of the best options and for many good reasons. For something that makes use of an existing slab, it lasts long enough to compete with other more high-end paving materials. A decorative concrete driveway requires minimal cleaning and maintenance. A very important feature that people look for on a driveway. There won’t be a need to scrub and pamper a surface that is in constant exposure to harmful elements. Coatings and overlays also offer a wide range of aesthetic options. Want a natural-looking driveway? A stamped overlay offers various stone patterns. Want the color of it to match the exterior of the house or commercial establishment? Stains can help achieve that.

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How Much Does it Cost?

One notable feature of decorative concrete is how cost-effective it is. The perks mentioned above often make people ask “So, what’s the catch?”. Nothing this good could be affordable, right? Not quite. Resurfacing costs less expensive than most types of paving materials. Here is a breakdown:

  • Basic

A basic resurfacing costs about $8 to $12 per square foot. This economical upgrade often involves one type of overlay or coating, a single-color stain, a simple pattern or design, and a basic border, if requested.

  • Intermediate or Mid-range

This is more elaborate than the basic, costing between $12 and $18 per square foot. This may include two or more stain colors, two or more pattern choices, a decorative border, and some custom engraving or score lines.

  • Progressive or High-end

The most elaborate and complex resurfacing type will incur costs starting from $18 going up, depending on how customized. This progressive type of resurfacing involves custom borders, manually applied stains, sawcut designs, multiple patterns and colors, and more.

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