4 Things You Should Know About Spray Texture

pool deck resurfacing

Spray texture is a decorative concrete solution for enhancing or improving a concrete surface. It is often used on pool decks because of its slip-resistant texture. It is quite similar to stucco but it has a subtle texture that is comfortable to walk on. It is one of the best ways to hid repairs, damages, and stains. Aside from its impressive appeal and slip-resistance, a textured coating is also popular for its ability to maintain a low temperature even when exposed to sunlight for long hours. Here are other interesting things you need to know about spray texture.

Spraying Pancake Batter

Expert installers say it is crucial to set the acrylic concrete coating aside after mixing to give it time to blend well with each other. After about 15 minutes, the mix should be similar to that of pancake batter. If after leaving it alone the mix became too thick, add a bit more water and mix it again. Set it aside again to allow the mix to absorb all the water. When it has reached the pancake batter consistency, you can now load it into the hopper gun.

More is Better

It is important to make a lot of coating mixture when doing a spray texture project. It is better to waste some coating rather than run out in the middle of spraying. Remember that this knockdown finish coating hardens pretty fast.

Practice Makes Perfect

Prior to installation, installers often cover up the walls and other items to make sure that they won’t get splattered with the coating during the spraying process. Before spraying the floor, the installer must test the hopper gun to make sure that it sprays as it should and that nothing is blocking the passageway. Do not spray too heavily but do not also spray too thinly. It takes skill and expertise to spray on concrete just aright.

The Right Knockdown Timing

For most DIY enthusiasts, knowing the right time to knock down a splatter of mixture is a big challenge. Knock it down too early and you barely make out a texture. Knock it down too late and you end up with a floor texture you won’t be able to walk on comfortably. Right after spraying, the splatters look a bit shiny because it is still wet. Once they start to dry up and lose that sheen, you should start knocking them down.

Here are the reasons why decorative concrete contractors recommend it. to homeowners and business owners alike. Interested in reading more about the industry? Check out this blog about longer lasting spray textures for pool decks.

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