Know the Right Tools for Cleaning Your Pool Area

Diving into pool ownership comes with great responsibility. After all, owning a pool isn’t all fun games. The swimming pool must be kept clean with the proper chemical balance and regular maintenance. Sound like a lot of work? Don’t worry too much about that. It’s always worth it in the end. As a plus, we’ll make it easier for you by breaking down the right tools and equipment to keep your pool deck and basin clean.

pool deck cleaning tool
Push Broom

A typical outdoor push broom isn’t really specialized for the pool area. However, it’s beneficial to keep it handy for sweeping the concrete pool deck. Dirt and debris are usually found on the pool deck and it should be swept away regularly.

pool deck cleaning tool
Telescopic Pole

This nifty tool is probably the most useful and versatile must-have for your pool cleaning arsenal. Its retractable feature allows for easy storage and being able to reach farther in the pool. That’s without having to move around as you clean. Get one with an 8-foot pool that extends to 16 feet for maximum coverage.

Skimmer Net

Here’s something that really comes in handy for catching debris and dried leaves that fall into the pool. A skimmer net lets you scoop all those up before it reaches the bottom of the pool. This allows for easier cleaning of the pool basin floor.

pool deck cleaning tool
Pool Vacuum

So what if all that debris reached the bottom of your pool? That’s where the pool vacuum comes in handy. It works just like the vacuum you use for your interior floors. Running it over the pool floor sucks all that junk up and keeps the pool water crystal clear.

Pool Brush

A pool brush is used to scrub off algae build-up in different areas of the pool. Use this on the pool walls, coping, ladders and rails at least once a week. Pool brushes are made with stainless steel or plastic bristles. Choose one that is appropriate for the type of pool you have.

pool deck cleaning tool
Pumice Stones

Pumice stones are popular for physical exfoliation because of its porous surface. When it comes to swimming pools, its use isn’t so different. Pumice stones can be used to loosen up and remove localized stains and deposits.

Indeed, swimming pool cleaning and maintenance is the best way to keep your pool area in great shape. To know more about how you can enhance the look and function of your swimming pool, try our pool deck resurfacing services! We’ve served clients for years and helped them achieve their dream pool designs and improving its stain and damage-resistance. Feel free to check out our other expert services or read on about how to deal with pool deck mold and mildew.

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