Keeping the Stress at Bay: Outdoor Meditation Space Ideas

In this constantly moving and fast-paced world meditation gives us a chance to reduce our stress levels. It can be difficult to find time for giving the body and soul a mindful rest. To make it just a little easier, why not create an outdoor meditation space right in your own backyard? That way, in between work and accomplishing household chores you can always squeeze in a meditation session. Your backyard together with patios and walkways is the ideal area because it brings you closer to nature which elevates the meditation experience. In this article, we give you ideas for creating your own outdoor meditation space.

stamped concrete walkway
Surround Yourself with Greenery

Enclosing your meditation space with a variety of plants brings you closer to nature. These are mostly ornamental so choosing flowering plants in beautiful colors are a great option. If you want to go the extra mile to enhance your outdoor experience, you can choose plants that are inviting to bees and butterflies. A fully landscaped area is ideal for those with extra space and can include a stamped concrete walkway.

Get Some Shade

For meditating outdoors, you’ll have to choose a spot with plenty of shade for sunny days. Underneath a tree is enough for those who have the backyard space for it. A canopy is best for those who happen to not have trees in their backyard or are working with a small space. Of course Installing a big umbrella or gazebo over your concrete patios would also do the trick.

stamped concrete
Include Water Features

The soothing sound of running water can be quite beneficial while you meditate. It calms your senses as you breathe in the fresh outdoor air. To enjoy this benefit it is ideal to install water features here and there. You can have an artificial pond with Koi fish swimming about. Another great addition is a rocking garden fountain made from bamboo.

Outdoor Storage for Holistic Objects

Holistic objects keep the serenity of the area while you meditate. Incense and essential oils with candles are great for soothing aromas. Stimulate the senses with mala beads and touchstones. A meaningful statue that represents your goals and what inspires you. All of these should be stored in a safe area that can withstand outdoor weather.

Any outdoor space can be converted to meet the purpose you want for it. If you want to make enhancements for your backyard, contact your local decorative concrete contractor. Find out which of the concrete applications is well-suited for your taste and needs. Visit our homepage to find out more. Want to read more? Check out this blog about eco friendly patio design ideas to go with your meditation!

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