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White Oak Avenue, with its 101 Deodar trees lined up along the street, is regarded as a historic-cultural monument in LA. This avenue, being the setting of the popular takeoff scene in the legendary movie ET, has made Granada Hills, California a popular neighborhood in the US. Despite its popularity, it has maintained its light population and beautiful surroundings. Homeowners are happy to have beautiful homes but anything made of concrete can go through wear and tear in the long run. For this, decorative concrete Granada Hills CA resurfacing and refinishing solutions became available. Read on to learn more about these practical applications.

Advantages of Decorative Flooring and Outdoor Concrete Surfaces

Decorative concrete solutions have become a popular option for both residential and commercial floor owners. Here are some of the top reasons why:

Appealing – The physical appearance of any concrete floors greatly influences its surroundings and the house as a whole. Decorative options, such as stamping concrete, can help enhance an otherwise plain floor with the variety of patterns available.

Economical – Instead of replacing the whole concrete slab, a resurface or refinish is a more affordable alternative. Staining concrete floors can mask off discoloration and minor blemishes. Overlays and coatings can provide a new surface to work designs into.

Durable – When applied properly, an overlay or coating can be as durable as any paving material, if not more. Epoxy flooring and polyurea polyaspartic, for example, dries to a really hard surface, making it a perfect coating for garage floors, basements, and even commercial flooring.

Slip-resistant – Stamped concrete overlay and Sundek Classic Texture creates a textured concrete surface that improves traction. Making it perfect for outdoor surfaces that get wet often, be it from the rain or pool water, such as patios, pool decks, and driveways.

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