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When it comes to concrete driveway resurfacing & concrete driveway repair Los Angeles, trust only Decorative Concrete Surfaces. We are a locally owned company serving the Los Angeles area. Licensed, bonded and insured for your security. With over 40 years of experience in improving concrete surfaces, you know that you are in good hands. We provide services and solutions for residential and commercial establishments. Our goal is to improve the style and function of your outdoor and indoor concrete surfaces. Get in touch with us to consult with resurfacing driveway contractors in Los Angeles CA.

Common Los Angeles CA Concrete Driveways Problems and Repair Solutions

Cracks are the most common problems encountered by any concrete surface. On a driveway, it is often caused by vehicular traffic, exposure to climatic changes, and old age. When the top layer of the concrete driveways break and becomes loose, this is called spalling. The weak surface disintegrates, causing bits of concrete to spall off. Cracks can easily be fixed with a filler especially if it is just a small one. For larger cracks, it may need more extensive concrete repair. Popular but inexpensive concrete driveway repair Los Angeles solutions issues include driveway resurfacing and refinishing.

Benefits of Driveway Repair, Stain, Resealing & Refinishing

There are a variety of solutions to achieve the look of a new concrete Los Angeles CA driveway. However, most are quite on the expensive side of the scale. Sometimes, the affordable options provide more perks than their pricey counterparts. Here are some of the most notable features of a resurfacing:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete driveways cost around five to seven dollars per square foot without any resurfacing. Adding an overlay may add 3 to 7 dollars on top of the concrete driveway. It can go up to 20 dollars or more for more intricate textures.

Still, the cost of driveway repairs and makeovers is less expensive than a complete replacement. Getting a total quote can vary according to several factors, some of which are:

  • Size or length of the driveway
  • Level of surface preparation required
  • The type of driveway repair, resurfacing, or refinishing method used​
  • Additional services such as custom scoring, concrete staining, etc. ​

Asphalt paving averages between $320 to $446 a cost in Los Angeles. Compared to Concrete which ranges from $3200 to $4480, it might seem like cheaper is better.

Nonetheless, asphalt isn’t as durable as concrete nor is it aesthetic and eco-friendly. Coal tar resealing will need to be done at least once every three years with minor traffic. Hydrocarbons from this seal coating are 30 times more toxic than other compounds.

To be safe, stick with your eco-friendly concrete coatings. 

A crumbling driveway can still be resurfaced when there are only minor cracks and discoloration. The steps include:

  1. Preparation. Clear away any cracks and debris laying around. Make sure you clean it well either with a pressure washer or a simple sponge and soap water. Never forget to let it dry. For obvious cracks you’ll need to seal it off with a patching compound and wipe off the residue with a damp songe.
  2. Pouring of Overlays. Once preparations are over with, you can being pouring the overlays. Make sure to spread it evenly, not to thin but not too thick either. At least leave a 2 inch thickness. Let the coating dry for 24 hours of more.
  3. Sealing. Never skip the concrete sealing because it keeps your driveways tougher and more durable. since driveways are also prone to crumbling at the sides, your coatings will be the first to crumble before the actual concrete, giving you more time to reseal it and avoid the cost of a driveway replacement.

Driveways can be replaced by part although the old and new concrete will be obvious and possibly off-putting to look at. This is homeowners opt to get decorative concrete to cover up the surface and help it look smooth and clean.

Repairing or replacing driveways depends on different factors. You should only replace your driveways when there are huge cracks, the sides are crumbling away, and there are sinking spots on the driveway. Still, you can opt to repair your driveways for minor problems like hairline cracks, slightly uneven spots, small holes and discoloration. Repair options can vary from stained concrete to concrete overlays and concrete coatings.

Repairing and resurfacing can be done in three main steps.

Step 1. Prep the area. Start by clearing away all the debris and grime on the driveway. Get a pressure washer or start off with soap water and sponge. 

Step 2. Start coating. If you’re doing a DIY coating, follow the instructions on the package label. Trowel it well and spread it by about 2mills thickness. 

Step 3. Seal it off. As per the coating, you’ll also need to follow the instructions of the seal you’ve bought. Sealers will have the instructions on the label. Spread it evenly and let it dry. 

For basic resurfacing, it costs around $3 to $7 per square foot. A decorative or stamped overlay on the other hand will cost $6 to $20 per square foot. 

  1. Clean rigorously the concrete driveway, removing dirt, oil, grease, or any deteriorating concrete
  2. Before applying a concrete resurfacer, section the driveway to thoroughly apply the resurfacer
  3. Mix the concrete resurfacer agent; follow the instructions provided for the agent
  4. Before application, saturate the surface with water then remove any standing water
  5. Pour the resurfacer on the concrete and use a long-handled squeegee to scrub the material on the surface
  6. After five minutes, use a concrete broom to apply a non-slip finish.

Yes, a concrete driveway can be resurfaced.

Yes as it provides a fresher look for the driveway. This also extends the lifespan of the driveway.

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The trusted company offers a variety of concrete finishing products with features to meet every need. Our concrete driveway contractors Los Angeles, Decorative Concrete Surfaces, provides commercial and residential clients the quality resurfacing and sealing services that help their homes and businesses stand out. 

We have more than four decades of experience in resurfacing and enhancement as well as a coveted A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau as a trusted concrete contractor in the area. Looking for “experts in concrete layer near me“? We’re the one for the job.

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