Commercial Pool Deck Repairs: Top 3 Concrete Applications

A swimming pool is a worthy investment for commercial establishments in relevant industries. It adds to the appeal of the commercial property, rakes in profit and is naturally inviting. However, when a commercial swimming pool is neglected it can get worn out pretty easily. 

Constant swimming pool use, foot traffic, and other factors can contribute greatly to the deterioration of a concrete pool deck and the whole swimming pool area. To repair, restore and renew damaged pool decks here are the top 3 applications.

Concrete Application Options

Spray Knockdown Texture

Commercial swimming pools see a ton of action during scorching summer days. There’s no denying that people turn to pools when seeking refuge from the blazing heat of the sun. During these days, a commercial pool deck has to be safe from slip-and-fall accidents and should stay cool throughout the scorching summer.

If your concrete pool deck doesn’t have these qualities, spray knockdown texture can fix that. Spray knockdown texture is a commercial pool deck’s best friend. It addresses common problems like surface damages, slippery areas, and scalded bare feet.

An experienced contractor can combine this with custom scorelines, aggregates, masonry effects, and color. It provides the most functionality without compromising design.

Stamped Concrete Overlay

Flaws and damages on a concrete pool deck make it look unpleasant and unsightly. Don’t you wish you can just take it out and replace it with a new one? Stamped concrete overlays allow you to get a brand new look for your pool deck without having to replace the whole thing.

The surface of the concrete deck is thoroughly prepared and a new concrete mixture is poured over it. Concrete stamping is great for commercial pool owners who want to incorporate natural feel to the design of the pool area.

Because it can mimic the texture and pattern of natural stone, tiles, and pavers, it certainly complements outdoor elements. Various templates and stamps are available together with a broad range of colors to suit one’s taste.

decorative concrete long beach ca

Stained Concrete Pool Deck

If your concrete pool deck has minor surface flaws that affect its appearance, concrete staining might be a good option. Concrete staining provides a lustrous and translucent wash of color.

Stains can either be reactive or non-reactive. Because stains aren’t as opaque as paint, it incorporates minor surface flaws into the final look. This gives it an interesting texture that’s charming in its own way. Benefits of concrete staining include a long-lasting hue, distinct appearance, water resistance, and minimal maintenance.

All this can be achieved without having to cash out too much. Stains permeate the surface of concrete so there’s no need to worry about chipping or scratching.

In Summary

With these three concrete applications, your pool will certainly be ready for potential customers to dive into. Consult with a licensed pool deck contractor to make the most out of your pool deck repair project. Need to know more about commercial pool deck repairs in Los Angeles? 

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