Exceptional Concrete Resurfacing & Refinishing Solutions in Los Angeles

If the floor surfaces in a Los Angeles home are looking worn and tired, the path to rejuvenation is a lot simpler than anyone thought it was. For floor solutions that match the artistry and sophistication of the Walk of Fame, concrete repair can be done on existing slabs. Whether the need is to disguise surface imperfections on an old driveway or to create custom decorative designs on the pool deck, resurfacing and refinishing solutions can help enhance, restore, and beautify both exterior and interior floors.

Concrete Resurfacing & Refinishing

Concrete floors are gaining well-deserved attention nowadays as concrete is now recognized as more than just a base material. It is so versatile that it can be easier repaired and restored. The two most recommended methods of updating or repairing surfaces are refinishing and resurfacing. Here’s a brief look at their differences and the benefits of each:

  • Refinishing 

This is the process of changing the finish of a surface. This is often a solution for discolored, stained, or dull surfaces. One popular solution is staining. Stains, be it acid or water-based, can disguise stains and discoloration. Sealers, on the other hand, can add shine to a dull surface. Sealing enhances the look of the surface while serving as a protective layer against damaging elements.

  • Resurfacing

For surfaces that have cracks, holes, and similar damage, a resurfacing is more appropriate. Resurfacing means changing the old and weak surface with a thin layer of coatings or overlays The most popular options for this are stamped overlay, spray knockdown finish, epoxy flooring, and polyurea polyaspartic coating.

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Get premium looks without extravagant costs. Revamping interior and exterior concrete does not have to involve concrete removal and re-pouring. More often than not, only the surface needs to be addressed. We can help you with that. Decorative Concrete Surfaces has more than four decades of residential and commercial service to the Los Angeles area and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. As a contractor specializing in transforming residential and commercial pool decks, patios, or driveways with the use of coatings and overlays, we guarantee aesthetic value and practical benefits that fit your budget and needs.

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