Top Quality Concrete Repair in Los Angeles, CA

From North Valley to South Los Angeles, home and business owners want their garage floors, patios, driveways, interior floors, and sidewalks to be safe, functional, and attractive. When faced with a broken, worn, cracked, chipped, or flaking surface, only superior concrete repair will do. It is important to seek the expertise of a professional contractor for effective and long-lasting solutions.

What Can Damage Concrete Floors?

There are many factors that can cause damage to surfaces. Knowing exactly what the cause of the damage makes it easier to determine the appropriate solution for it. Here are some of the most common causes:

  • Old concrete – No matter how durable concrete is, it can become brittle and weak in time.
  • Temperature changes – Cement surfaces exposed to freeze-thaw cycles, rain, and extreme heat are more prone to damage.
  • Faulty construction techniques – Sloppy or improper subgrade compaction can cause cement surfaces to crack or become uneven.
  • Erosion – The natural movement of soil underneath a slab can cause cracks.
  • Heavy usage – Constant foot or vehicular traffic can take a toll on surfaces.

Expert Methods of Concrete Repair

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The type of damage present determines the most appropriate methods. Have a professional contractor assess the patio, pool deck, driveway, or any cement surface. This way, it could be determined if the damage is only on the surface or deep inside the slab. Here are some repair options for surface damage:

  • Refinishing – Simply refinishing with durable, decorative sealants or coatings can solve many cosmetic issues. Discoloration and ugly stains can be covered with acid or water-based stains. They come in a variety of colors and can be applied in a custom pattern.
  • Resurfacing – More serious damage may require complete resurfacing. Stamped overlay, acrylic cement coating, epoxy coating, and polyurea polyaspartic are perfect coatings for repairing cracks, spalling, and flaking, to name a few. The end results, in either case, is a beautiful, strong and safe surface that you can walk on with confidence.

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