Concrete Pool Deck Contractor in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles climate and laid-back lifestyle tempt many residents to stay in or near their pools all summer long. To throw the best parties, you need to provide an oasis that inspires fun, laughter and relaxation. The appearance of the surface area around it is a critical part of its charm. This is where a concrete pool deck comes in. It is an essential part of a home in LA. Not only is it a place for fun and cooling down, it is also a valuable asset to your home.

Signs that It’s Time For A Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing

It’s difficult to create a beautiful poolside sanctuary when your deck is stained or discolored. An in-ground or above ground deck can crack, stain, chip and ultimately require repair. If any of these are hindering you from enjoying or even looking at the deck without causing any stress or disappointment, then it is time for a concrete resurfacing. You have several options, but resurfacing with decorative coatings such as knockdown finish & stamped overlays delivers a type of quality that a cheap paint can never match.

Benefits of Decorative Concrete 

Beauty Is More than Skin Deep. Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal, coatings and overlays provide the following:

  • Increased functionality and improved safety in the area around your pool. If a deck is in good condition, it serves its purpose better.
  • Sundek finishes are cooler underfoot, so walking there barefoot won’t be as painful. It can maintain a low temperature 30% more efficiently than other pool deck overlays.
  • The new concrete surfaces also provide more traction and are less slippery. This benefit can reduce the chances of slips and falls especially when the pool deck is wet.

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