High-Quality Garage Floors in Los Angeles, CA – Improved Look, Enhanced Function

Garage floors can be restored, repaired, and enhanced with concrete resurfacing solutions. We specialize in resurfacing concrete with Epoxy Flooring and Polyurea Polyaspartic coating systems. The Los Angeles metropolitan area has approximately 1.8 cars per household; this fact makes it the most car-populated place in the nation. If you share LA’s passion for cars, you’ll want to be sure your prized vehicles rest on a garage floor that is worthy of their elevated status.

Noteworthy Benefits of Resurfaced Garage Floors

Concrete surfaces can acquire benefits provided by modern options like the Sun Epoxy or polyurea polyaspartic systems. Some of the best reasons why resurfacing floors is ideal are:

  • Resurfaced surfaces have the durability and longevity not offered by other flooring materials.
  • These applications transform plain concrete into surfaces with improved impact resistance and traction, so you can enjoy a safe, slip-free surface while walking in your garage or working on your car.
  • Coatings also resist damage from gas, oil and other chemicals.
  • Concrete overlay solutions can also be beautiful, customized works of art. A variety of textures, colors, and patterns are available, so you can have a surface that complements your personal style, your house or even your car.
  • Epoxy or polyurea polyaspartic-coated floors are easier to clean and maintain because water and dirt stay on the surface, ready to be swept or wiped off.

Resurfacing Process

Concrete sealing a garage floor with epoxy or polyurea polyaspartic coatings requires the skill and expertise of an experienced concrete contractor. Here is a brief look at the installation process:

Step 1: The surface is prepared, starting with a cleanup. Any existing overlay is removed. If needed, the surface undergoes a minor grinding to make the coating adhere more effectively.

Step 2: The first coating is poured and spread onto the surface evenly with a roller brush.

Step 3: Colorful chip floors are made by adding multicolored acrylic paint chips or quartz aggregate on the base coating.

Step 4: A top coating is applied to keep the paint chips in place.

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