5 Tips for Hiring a Concrete Contractor in Los Angeles

Whether it is regarding a concrete patio, pool deck, or interior floor, a remodeling project is an exciting but also stressful event. While there are many concrete contractors in Los Angeles, not everyone is qualified or even legit. If time comes that you need to start a search and want to make sure you get good results, here is a guide you should follow:

Ask People You Trust

Word of mouth is a very powerful way of finding competent contractors. Ask trusted family, friends, and workmates about people they might have worked with in the past. More often than not, trustful resources will give you the best people or companies they know. If they did work on a project, take time to see it up close. This way, you would see how efficient they are in their jobs.

Go Online and Check Concrete Resurfacing or Repair Reviews

The internet is such a blessing, allowing people to check contractors out in the comfort of their own homes or offices. First, check their website and see the services they offer and read their “About Us” page to learn their history. Then, check customer reviews and the BBB website for ratings.

Take Advantage of Free Consultations and Quotes

Most companies offer free consultations and quotations. Take advantage of this and get it from a list of contractors that you have recently check out and passed your initial filtering. Oftentimes, a consultation is done in your home and the estimator would assess the exact space you want to update or repair. If it is a concrete stamping project, they would also ask about preferred patterns or designs to be able to come up with a rough estimate. Ask for several bids from different installers and choose the one that is most legit or acceptable for you.

Put Everything in Writing

A contract is a must, regardless what project needs to be done. Never settle for a verbal agreement. A legit Los Angeles contractor would be the one to prepare one. Once presented to you, check and make sure that it contains a comprehensive description of the job, a list of materials needed or to be used, costs, a timeline, a completion date, payment arrangements, additional services, and warranties.

Review the Contract Twice or More Before Signing

When the contract is presented to you, review it well. If possible, ask a trusted person to read it as well in case they notice something that you might have missed. Once you are completely sure and decided, you are free to sign it. Make a copy of the contract and keep it somewhere safe.

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