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Colored concrete is one of the most popular options in turning plain surfaces into more decorative walking areas. There are various methods of adding color to surfaces. Paint is the most common but its short life span is not something homeowners or even commercial space owners would like to deal with. Now, there are concrete staining services that provide a longer lasting color effect on the surface. It creates a more elegant and vibrant look, without compromising durability and functionality.

Concrete Staining Options

Acid Stain – This solution is a great choice if the preferred look is not specific. It produces a random, semi-translucent, and unique effect, depending on the mineral content of the existing slab. When one would acid stain a cement surface, expect a marble-like look and a range of hues, even if only one color is used.

Water-based Stain – This produces a more opaque effect so expect the colors to really stand out in a consistent tone. For more specific designs or patterns, it is ideal to use this.

Factors to Consider When Staining

Preparing the surface of the existing concrete floor is important before the process can be done. A professional installer would often assess the floor first to determine if the floor is in a good enough condition for a stain or if any repairs need to be applied first. Color choice must also be discussed before the process is started. It is highly advisable to consult a pro or a color chart for color options.

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A stained concrete floor can only be considered a success if it looks absolutely stunning, if it lasts long, and if it provides the satisfaction that every customer in Los Angeles, California deserves. We at Decorative Concrete Surfaces truly believe in this which is why we make sure that we provide top quality services at prices that residential and commercial property owners can be comfortable with. Our team are experienced and trained well enough to know how to stain floors with efficiency. Interested? Give us a call or send us an email!

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