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Types of Concrete Stain

los angeles acid stained flooringAcid stain and water-based dyes both create beautiful, rich tones that transform a plain floor into a decorative masterpiece. Reactive or acid-based stains contain metallic salts that interact with lime to bond to concrete, while non-reactive water-based dyes contain pigments that penetrate porous materials without requiring a chemical reaction. Both techniques result in distinctive patterns and hues that transform a plain floor into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Staining Is Perfect for Interior Applications

A good concrete floor finish can give new life to your home or business. Stained concrete can reproduce the elegant natural look of marble, granite and other natural stones without the intensive labor and expense required to install stone floors. The stain-enhanced floor makes it an exceptional choice for your garage. Optional stamped patterns and overlays give you complete artistic freedom to create the perfect look to match your style. Choosing to stain your floor is also an Eco-friendly choice that allows you to retain the energy-efficient properties of concrete.

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